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Current and Forthcoming Exhibitions  


September 7 - 28 - 2 Room exhibition, Fraser Gallery, St Andrews

September 13 - 18 - LAPADA, Art Fair with Duncan R. Miller Fine Arts, Berkeley Square, London

December 29 onwards - RSW Annual Exhibition, Lower Galleries, RSA Building, Edinburgh 

Doubtfire Gallery Exhibition Review

"Contemporary Scottish painters, unlike their English counterparts, would never seems to have any hang ups about whether they are abstract or figurative painters or whether they are comfortable around colour. They have, of course, a painterly tradition behind them, one that spans back the late 19th century, Fergusson, Peploe et al, not to mention the cultural ramifications of the ‘auld alliance’ with France, and it seems to give a huge freedom of manoeuvre. All this is illustrated by the gorgeous landscapes, still life and abstracts by John Kingsley currently on show at  Doubtfire Gallery. Kingsley may be a Glasgow boy - born, trained at the art school, living and working there, but he paints with a remarkable sense of cosmopolitan exuberance and intense visual enjoyment."
Nicholas Usherwood in ‘Galleries’ November 2017